In 1969, Dr. H. V. Pophale, retired Superintendent of St. George’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine (Emeritus for Life) from Grant Medical College & Sir. J.J. Group of Hospitals in partnership with his wife Mrs. Sudha Hari Pophale started a medical center, namely “Pophale Nursing Home” for providing quality and affordable healthcare services for the urban middle classes.

A Trust: “The Family Planning & Medical Aid Trust” was also started to concert efforts towards containing one of the biggest social problems of that time: population explosion.

Under the visionary guidance of our co-founders Dr. H.V. Pophale Mrs. Sudha Hari Pophale, the activities of the Family Planning & Medical Aid Trust found appreciation in the highest echelons of the Government, both Central and State, as well as the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and the WHO.

During this era of Government supported family planning, Dr. Sandhya Pophale performed, free of cost, more than a lakh tubal ligation surgeries along with thousands of other family planning procedures, benefitting the very poorest of the poor of our society & resulting in our institute receiving the prestigious award by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi. .

Thus, we, at The Family Planning & Medical Aid Trust ( in association with Pophale Nursing Home), have been providing women quality and affordable Obstetric & Gynecological services since the past 50 years.


The most valuable treasure a Doctor has to offer to the society is his or her clinical expertise and acumen. This expertise is instrumental in alleviating human suffering and bringing joy back into the lives of people who are affected by various illnesses.